The Most Important Election Issue: Educational Freedom

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I know some of you read the title of this missive and say the Colonel had too many head-first landings as a paratrooper. But, if you think generationally, educational freedom is the most important election in this midterm election cycle, and future elections. Why? Because it was just about a year ago that Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe asserted, “I do not think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” This statement set forth an incredible turn of events in the Virginia election. It was the only positive aspect of the COVID shutdown: parents were exposed to the indoctrination of their children.

From that point on, parents began to show up at school board meetings. Parents realized that they had a First Amendment right to “petition their government for a redress of grievances.” However, the response of the all-mighty government was to designate parents as “domestic terrorists.” The progressive socialist left knows how critical the issue of education is for future generations. They do not want any disruption to their planned indoctrination of our children. We should never forget that it was Karl Marx in his book “The Communist Manifesto” who listed “state control of education” as one of the Marxist planks.

Yes, inflation is important to get under control, and the solutions are evident. Yes, we need to secure our border, and again, the solutions are evident. Yes, we need to restore our energy independence. Yes, we need to get crime under control, and it is simple, repeal these insidious bail reform laws and stop releasing violent criminals back onto our streets.

But, if you think strategically, and realize what the leftists hold dear — besides murdering unborn babies in the womb — it is the control of our children. That is how the leftists will perpetuate their ideological agenda for generations to come. If we do not take a stand for educational freedom and push back against Randi Weingarten and teachers’ unions, the fate of America is almost sealed.

This is why I firmly state that the most important elected position in America is the school board. Case in point: not far from me, in Frisco, Texas, they recently had a vote before them on opening up bathroom facilities to the gender choice of the students. There is a concerted effort to push this gender dysphoria agenda upon our children, as well as sexualize them. The Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) and Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) recently met in San Antonio, and one of the topics was how to push the LGBT and gender dysphoria agenda without parental knowledge and consent. The topic was not how to improve education for our children in Texas, where some 67 percent of 4th graders do not read at grade level. Texas ranks near the bottom in education in America.

I was recently in Arizona and was informed that there is a state-funded chat room for sexually confused children to have conversations with adults about sexuality, without parental knowledge.

We still have cultural Marxism being taught in our schools. We are finding sexually explicit materials in our school libraries. There are many states, such as Texas, that have obscenity exemption laws that enable such materials to be available to our kids. There are proposals for a curriculum that will teach our kids as young as K-3 about sexuality and some very disturbing topics. We should all be appalled at the new phenomenon of “Drag Queen Story Hour” and the exposure of our children to related shows at some very disturbing venues.

And what is the response to parents who disagree? They are castigated as terrorists, and as we saw in Round Rock Texas, two dads were arrested in their own homes.

We must keep a focus on this issue, hat tip to Arizona for passing a landmark school choice, education freedom, law. Something is absent in the state of Texas. We have to continue to prioritize school board elections as well as State elected officials who will support education freedom. We need to have elected officials and candidates at the federal level who will stress educational freedom and restrict federal government intervention in an area for which it does not have any enumerated constitutional power. Never forget that it was Joe Biden who threatened to cut off school lunch program funding to school districts that would not support the gender dysphoria agenda. Yes, Joe Biden is willing to starve children if we refuse to sexually confuse them.

Vladimir Lenin said, “give me just one generation of the youth and I will transform the world.” This is the goal and objective of the progressive socialist leftists in America, to dominate our system of academia, and transform it from one of education to indoctrination. We cannot lose focus on this issue. As we saw in Virginia, it is a unifying issue, and it is right. Parents and grandparents, do not surrender your child to the state or government. These are your children, not the ideological property of bureaucrats, teachers, unions, and ideologues. This is a long war issue for America, and we must prevail against those who truly are targeting our kids.

Let me close with this disturbing piece of news. Recently in El Paso, Texas, a teacher was fired because she was indoctrinating kids to not refer to pedophiles as such, but rather refer to them as “minor-attracted persons.” The leftists in America want our children, with some of the most disturbing and perverse intentions. They can only be stopped if we, true patriotic adults and parents, decide that our children are off limits to the Marxists.

Steadfast and Loyal.

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