The Center for Vulnerable Voters offers resources, information, and training to protect the most vulnerable voters in the U.S.

Voting is a fundamental right for American citizens. Unfortunately, not all Americans are able to participate equally in the voting process.  Many citizens find their votes are at risk of not being counted or, in the worst case, subject to fraud.

The Center focuses on:

  • Enabling vulnerable voting constituencies to protect their vote and exercise their civic right to participate in America’s election process.
  • Educating citizens to actively participate in protecting both the voter and their vote.
  • Ensuring election officials, poll watchers and poll workers understand how to protect the integrity of all votes.
  • Training and educating residential facility staff in how to protect the voting rights of their most vulnerable residents.
  • Educating the general public on the legal ramifications of vote fraud against vulnerable voters.
Group Homes
Citizens Abroad

You can help ensure free and fair elections for the vulnerable voting communities among us. Become an advocate for the vulnerable in your community and stay informed by subscribing to the Center for Vulnerable Voters newsletter.

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