The Center for Vulnerable Voters offers resources, information, and training to protect the most vulnerable voters in the U.S.

Voting is a fundamental right for American citizens. Unfortunately, not all Americans are able to participate equally in the voting process.  Many citizens find their votes are at risk of not being counted or, in the worst case, subject to fraud.

The Center focuses on:

  • Enabling vulnerable voting constituencies to protect their vote and exercise their civic right to participate in America’s election process.
  • Educating citizens to actively participate in protecting both the voter and their vote.
  • Ensuring election officials, poll watchers and poll workers understand how to protect the integrity of all votes.
  • Training and educating residential facility staff in how to protect the voting rights of their most vulnerable residents.
  • Educating the general public on the legal ramifications of vote fraud against vulnerable voters.
Attorney General Edwin Meese

“ACRU’s Vote Fraud hotline revealed information about cognitively impaired facility residents having their ballot choices made by staff, sometimes under coercion and often without their knowledge.”

Attorney General Edwin Meese III, ACRU Director

“We must take every action to ensure the integrity and intent of our seniors’ political choices at a time when they are at risk to be targets of vote fraud.”

Ambassador J. Kenneth Blackwell, ACRU Policy Board

Ambassador J. Kenneth Blackwell, ACRU Policy Board


The Center is the bedrock of the American Constitutional Rights Union’s landmark work protecting vulnerable voters. In 2020, ACRU’s leadership, including ACRU Founding Board Member Attorney General Edwin Meese III, launched a nationwide effort to tackle this most despicable form of vote fraud by using both a legal and educational approach to tackling vote suppression against the elderly and military.

ACRU staff, researchers and legal team uncovered voting vulnerabilities that extended far beyond those two groups.  Today, a dedicated team of researchers, educators, public policy officials, analysts and attorneys are joined together to both uncover and address the issues facing America’s vulnerable voters.