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Voting Resources for Citizens Abroad

Just because you are overseas doesn’t mean you can’t participate in elections. Most U.S. citizens, age 18 or older, are eligible to vote absentee for federal office candidates. Some states also allow overseas citizens to vote for state and local candidates and referendums.

The Basics

Legal voting from abroad is a relatively straightforward process, although it will require some advance planning on your part. You’ll need to:

  1. Register to vote in your state jurisdiction
  2. Complete and submit an absentee ballot

The process to register to vote and request an absentee ballot is simple, and everything you need is available through the Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP). First, download the Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) here. You’ll need to send this to your local election official’s office. Check out Voting Information Center or the FVAP website to find contact information for your local elections authority. Be sure to note relevant deadlines for your state and allow plenty of time to register, request your ballot and submit your absentee ballot. The Center for Vulnerable Voters Voting Information Center has important deadlines listed by state.

Last, return your ballot using the guidelines provided by your local election authority. If you don’t receive your ballot in time, there’s a fallback option. You can complete a Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot and return that to your jurisdiction’s election authority.

IMPORTANT: U.S. citizens abroad must submit a new FPCA each year to vote in U.S. elections. Again, advance planning is critical to ensure your vote is received and counted. Submit your FPCA early in the year and your ballot materials well in advance of election deadlines. 

The FVAP website will guide you through the process. Do be aware you can also obtain an FPCA form from a U.S. Embassy.

Returning Your Materials

You can always return your FPCA by mail. Regulations for other options vary by state, but many also accept fax or email. You can find more information on your state’s instructions using the Voting Assistance Guide.

Many states have websites to verify voter registration. to check your status, start with the FVAP website’s directory of state voter registration verification websites.

Other Helpful Links

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Pro Tips for Poll Workers

Engage with Groups2022-09-23T19:18:07+00:00

If you are stationed outside the polling location during early voting or election day, engage in conversations with groups being dropped off to vote.  Let them know you are happy they are there to vote, ensure they have what they need to vote successfully.  Your conversations can help ensure they are exercising their right to vote of their own free will.

Watch… and Report2022-09-23T19:17:15+00:00

Engage in “mindful watching.”  If you see someone who appears to be coerced into voting, call the vote fraud hotline.

Know the Voting Laws2022-09-23T19:16:34+00:00

Be sure to know the voting laws in your state as it pertains to proof of residency, identification and early voting.  Know how these laws impact your homeless residents.

Research the Vote

Do you have reason to believe someone else may have voted on behalf of your client or loved one? Find out here!

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