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Disabled Voter Rights2023-03-05T20:38:11+00:00

Physically challenged individuals have had a number of obstacles to overcome in order to exercise their right to vote.  Voter access laws have resolved a number of these challenges, but not addressed the issue of vote theft and suppression from family members and caregivers.

As part of its education efforts, the Center for Vulnerable Voters provides information on steps you can take to ensure those providing in-home care do not present threatening or coercive situations for the disabled voter in their care.

CVV also educates home healthcare companies on training and best-practices to ensure their staff are mindful of the needs and rights of their patients.

“While election administration is governed by individual state law, there are certain fundamental principles of federal civil rights law, and requirements of accepting federal funds, that require accessibility for people with disabilities. Under the Help America Vote Act (HAVA), states are obligated to ensure certain voter protections with respect to voters with disabilities, either as a mandatory requirement or through their acceptance of the federal grants. Further, under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), state and local governments are required to make programs and practices accessible to persons with disabilities; as must public entities receiving federal financial assistance per the Rehabilitation Act.”
National Council on Disability


Vulnerable Voters Training Guide

Residential Facility and Skilled Nursing Home Staff Training Guide

Pro Tips for Poll Workers

Engage with Groups2022-09-23T19:18:07+00:00

If you are stationed outside the polling location during early voting or election day, engage in conversations with groups being dropped off to vote.  Let them know you are happy they are there to vote, ensure they have what they need to vote successfully.  Your conversations can help ensure they are exercising their right to vote of their own free will.

Watch… and Report2022-09-23T19:17:15+00:00

Engage in “mindful watching.”  If you see someone who appears to be coerced into voting, call the vote fraud hotline.

Know the Voting Laws2022-09-23T19:16:34+00:00

Be sure to know the voting laws in your state as it pertains to proof of residency, identification and early voting.  Know how these laws impact your homeless residents.

Research the Vote

Do you have reason to believe someone else may have voted on behalf of your client or loved one? Find out here!

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