The American Constitutional Rights Union began our nationwide efforts to protect vulnerable voters in 2020. Our efforts, including our vote fraud hotline, revealed very troubling information which showed vote fraud against vulnerable people, especially the elderly, is a nationwide problem.

Vote fraud of any kind is a troubling attack on our representative form of government. But fraud committed against vulnerable populations is particularly despicable. The evidence of such abuse is mounting. In Michigan, a nursing home worker was jailed for vote fraud. A social worker was convicted on multiple counts of fraud in Texas. And in Wisconsin, nursing home voting fraud is so egregious that a county sheriff found evidence that led to the legislature appointing an Office of Special Counsel to investigate further. That investigation has indicated that vote fraud in Wisconsin nursing homes is widespread.

The information in this document is intended to help citizens make a difference within their own families and communities. It will take the sincere efforts of many Americans to protect vulnerable populations. Here you will find the tools to help you help them.

Residential Facility & Group Homes
Family Member & Citizen Training Guide

Vulnerable Voters Residential Facility & Group Homes Family Member & Citizen Training Guide

Become a Vulnerable Voter Advocate

You can help ensure free and fair elections for the vulnerable voting communities among us. Become an advocate for the vulnerable in your community. Sign up here so we can provide you with information about how you can make a difference.