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Media Availability: Enough of the Left’s ‘Threats to Democracy’ Rhetoric

“Most often when someone, or a group, consistently and incessantly refers to others with certain disparaging, demeaning, and destructive accusations, it is because they are projecting their own behavior upon others,” observes ACRU Executive Director Allen West in his latest Townhall OPED. “This is the case with the repeated "threats to democracy" narrative that the progressive socialist left has been firing against anyone opposing their totalitarianism.”

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Muster with Allen West: The Left’s Latest Strategy to Control Elections

Please join LTC Allen West and ACRU CEO Lori Roman as they welcome special guest Jason Snead. Jason is the Executive Director of the Honest Elections Project and will be discussing the left's most recent strategy to hijack elections through tactics like ranked-choice voting. Don't miss this event — learn what you can do to protect the integrity of our election process.

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When Voting Was Easy

We have gone from a process that was relatively simple, easy, and disruption-free, to a time when we are now told you don't get results for a week.

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